The best place to get support for Apple products

When you need hands-on technical support for your Apple products, you can get friendly, expert help at The Apple Core

Meet a Guru at The Apple Core

Guru's have extensive knowledge of our products, and they work with you face to face to provide technical support and troubleshoot any problems. Some repairs can even be completed right on the spot. Want to meet with a Guru? Make a reservation ahead of time to guarantee your spot.

What to expect at the guru desk

Before you come in for your appointment, be sure to back up the data on the device that needs help, or The Apple Core can back up your data for a small fee. When you get to The Apple Core, ask a team member to check you in to the Guru desk. During your session, your Guru will gather information about your system and answer your questions. If your product requires repair, the Guru will discuss repair options, explain any applicable charges, and prepare your equipment for repair. Most sessions last about 15 minutes, but some may take longer, depending on the issue. 

We'd love to see you

To make a reservation just simply pick the date and time you are wanting to come in. Please fill out all necessary information. And if you choose to you can even add it to your iCalendar as a reminder. 

*Please cancel all appointments 24 hours before your reservation