Why is the Apple Watch the perfect cell phone for kids


Why is the Apple Watch the perfect kid cell phone?



Many parents give their children cell phones in order to allow them to be reached (or reach you) in case of an emergency. When I was in middle school we had to use the school phone in order to call our parents. Now, parents can reach their kids via iMessage, Phone calls, or FaceTime anytime of the day.


When I think about what I might give my kids a cell phone, it’ll be so I know where they are (GPS via Find my App), to send them quick text messages, and call them. If Apple can continue to expand capabilities of watchOS and expand the battery life to last all day on LTE, then I really believe that the Apple Watch with cellular connection will become the first cell phone for kids. With Apple Watch, there is no camera, there is limited ability to access the internet, and no social media (yet). I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, Apple Watch is the product that excited me most about the future of Apple. There are so many places that LTE connected technology on your wrist can take our society.


What are your thoughts on the future of Apple Watch as a standalone device? Do you think we will get to a place where battery life will last all day, and it could become the new “dumb phone” for people who want communication without everything else? Leave your comments below!