Mylissa & Nick Nimey (owners) - Blairsville, GA 2014


Who We Are

At The Apple Core we have love for these products and our customers. We’re the type of  people standing in line on launch day, waiting for the latest smartphone or gaming console to be released. Now we sell them and repair them! What a blessing! We love  technology, we love what we do and we love impressing our customers with knowledgeable sales and service. 

What We Do

The Apple Core, as a business, does many things. Some of these services include New and Open Box Computer Sales(online and in store), repairs, upgrades, on and off site service for business and residential clients and many more unique services.

We are unique, when you call, you will hear a friendly voice on the other end of the phone. If we are busy with You can make appointments for the same day and most repairs can be completed on that very day. Being unique is just fine with us! 

We always get to the Core of whatever task is at hand. Finding a solution is the greatest part of our job, and it shows. We have had a multitude of customers come through our door with jobs that no other company wanted to embark upon. This is the difference and this is what we do.

Why We Do It

We truly love what we do! We do what we do because we believe that honesty in the marketplace is lacking! Companies with real integrity are becoming harder to find. We wanted to make a difference and what started as a dream is becoming reality. Our promise is to give you honest advice, for people and their tech. It works and will always work! We put our customers above anything else. We love service! Thank you for allowing us to serve!


this site was built with love by Nick and Mylissa Nimey.